Samstag, 16. November 2019

VA-Hip Hop Mixed Flava (1995)

01-Ain't No Parte' (Like A Shorte Parte)(Feat.Shorte)
02-Go With The Flow (Feat.Geno)
03-I Get Freaky (Feat.Muranda Shante)
04-Kadillac Zone (Feat.Double.A)
05-Wake Up And Pay Attention (Feat.Shorte)
06-Amerikkka (Feat.Trick)
07-I Hate Hoes And Hoes Hate Me (Unknown Artist)
08-Float On (Feat.Minister)
09-The Man (Feat.2 Gz's)
10-Just A Little Something To Roll To (Feat.Sick-O-Crism)
11-Glass City Blues (Feat.2 Gz's)
12-Why You Bullsh'tten (Unknown Artist)
13-Smooth Creepin'(Feat.o2)

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