Montag, 28. Dezember 2020

Maniac Lok-I'm Back (1999)



01-I'm Back 02-Same Thang 03-Turn The Party Out Feat.Cool Nutz) 04-Behind The Scenes (Feat.Bosko,Cool Nutz & Yukmouth) 05-My Pain (Feat.B.Sharpe) 06-Get It Crackin' 07-Jus Like Us 08-Leave 'Em Reachin'(Feat.Cool Nutz & D.Teezy) 09-Thug Shit (Feat.3X Krazy & Ray Ray) 10-Hush (Feat.Kan't B Caught) 11-Goin' Home Tonight (Feat.Holywood Luv & Mackin Rob) 12-Tha Deadly Rose (Feat.Kenny Mack & Red Rum) 13-Join Tha Team (Feat.Bosk & Cool Nutz) 14-Summer Jam (Feat.Top Notch) 15-Set It Off (Feat.Bleek,Bosko & G-Ism) 16-Way Back (Feat.D-Shot & Kenny Mack) 17-Blood In Blood Out

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