Freitag, 11. Juni 2021

2nd II None-The Shit (2007)

01-Intro 02-Getcha Clown On 03-The Dogg N'Me 04-The Message 05-I Can Tell (The Nasty Song) 06-Nuttin Has Changed (Feat.Dj Quik) 07-Let's Get Higher (Feat.Dj Quik) 08-Kan't Wait To Do This 09-The Shit 10-Get Ya Hot 11-Funny How Things Change 12-B Alright 13-If U Ain't Fuckin (How You Gonna Get Home) (Feat.Sexy Leroy & The Cholcolate Lovelitez) 14-Didn't Mean To Turn You On 15-Funny How Things Change (Remix) 16-Theo Commercial

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