Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Enois Scroggins-From E To U (2012)

01-From E To U
02-Take Your Time(Feat.Carmen)
03-Baby C'est La Vie
04-Miss Perfection
05-Boogie In Muskogee
06-Shake Your Body(Feat.Lloyd Popp)
07-Get Funky Tonight
08-Set Me On Fire(Feat.Nicole ''Marshel'' Williams)
09-No Insecurities(Feat.Tereza La Queen)
10-Sunny Days
11-Thanks To Music(Feat.4Tre)
12-Bump It Up(Feat.Casual & Dynamite D)
13-West Coast Bomb(Feat.Tony G,Kokane,Dre´sta,BG Knocc Out,Dirty Red)
15-On Point(Feat.Augustus The Mac)
16-Tick Tock(Feat.Slip Capone & Dynamite D)
17-I Got That Fire(Feat.Ecay Uno, C-Band & Don-Is)
18-Pray(Feat.Tweed Cadillac)
19-Under The Sun(Feat.XL Middleton & Dynamite D)
20-The Dog's In Town( Feat.Delagodo)

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