Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Ruff 2 Da Smoove-Ruff 2 Da Smoove (1994)

01-It's Right (Interlude)
02-Sexual - Part 1
03-I'd Give Everything
04-Time Is Right
05-Baby If You're Ready
06-Float On (Interlude)
07-Caught Up(Feat.Mistri)
08-Eyes On You
09-Ruff 2 Da Smoove (Interlude)
10-Sexual - Part 2
11-Let Me Cruise Around(Feat.V.I.Q)
12-I Can Luv You Better
13-I Wanna Be With You (Interlude)
14-Baby You Are
15-Here I Am
16-Ruff 2 Da Smoove
17-Once Twice
18-Thigh Ride
20-Something About You

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