Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Tony Tatum-Never Turn Away (2008)

01-The Sacrifice (Feat.Nadia Tatum)
02-Destiny (Feat.Bishop Gary Hawkins Sr)
03-Never Turn Away (Feat.Gary Lil G Jenkins)
04-The Best Thing
05-Always Been You
06-I Am (Intro) (Feat.Nadia Tatum & Chelynn Scott)
07-I Am (Feat.Shame Ruth)
08-Your The Answer
09-Mountain Move Over (Feat.Greg Kirkland Jr.& The Generation Of Praise)
10-Broken Vows (Feat.Nadia Tatum)
11-It Takes A Man
14-Surrender (Feat.Jesse Campbell & Quan Howell)
15-Gotta Have Faith

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