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Various-Nighttime Lovers Vol.1 (2004)


01-Trust In Me (Extented Mix)(Feat.L.J.Reynolds)
02-Tell Me Why (Feat.Change)
03-You Satisfied My Needs(Feat.High Fashion)
04-Feelgood (Extended Mix)(Feat.Blue Feathers)
05-Time For Love(Feat.Brooklyn Bronx & Queens Band)
06-Get Me Throught The Night (Extended Mix)(Feat.Barbara Mitchell)
07-Meet The Man (Extended Mix)(Feat.Dayton)
08-Love On A Summernight (Extended Mix)(Feat.McCrays)
09-A Good Thing Is So Hard To Find(Feat.Deep)
10-When Your Far Away (Extended Mix)(Feat.Gladys Knight & The Pips)


01-Let's Go All The Way(Feat.Chocolate Milk)
02-Crazy (Extended Mix)(Feat.Colorblind)
03-Mr. Magician (Extended Mix)(Feat.Mistic Merlin)
04-Right From The Start (Extended Mix)(Feat.O'Bryan)
05-All Because Of You (Extended Mix)(Feat.Beau Williams)
06-Sayonara (Extended Mix)(Feat.A Taste Of Honey)
07-Your Love's Got A Hold On Me(Feat.Lilo Thomas)
08-Pump It Up (Feat.Network)
09-Admit It(Feat.Centerfold)

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