Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

Various-Nighttime Lovers Vol.2 (2004)

01-Let Me Show You (Long Vocal Version) Feat.Larry Wu)
02-We Can Make It (Extended) (Feat.Starbound)
03-Get It On (Extended) (Feat.Spence)
04-You Are The One (Extended) (Feat.AM-FM)
05-You Make Me Feel So Good (Extended) (Feat.High Fashion)
06-Night So Right (Extended) (Feat.Dolos)
07-Love You Madly (Extended) (Feat.Candela)
08-Dance Lover (Extended Vocal) (Feat.Mikki)
09-Love So Fine (Extended) (Feat.Sahara)
10-Lovestruck (Long Version) (Feat.Projection)
11-Dance School (Feat.Kano)
12-She's The Master (Of The Game) (Extended) (Feat.Richard John Smith)
13-Steppin' Out On The Groove (Extended) (Feat.Tony Jackson)

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