Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017

Eddy Rebel-Legendary G (1995)

01-Against All Odds (Prologue)
02-Walking On Sunshine (Feat.Prophadon & Trav Clinton)
03-Monday Night (Skit)
04-Love On All Sides II (Feat.Feat.Tony Green)
05-City Of G'z (Feat.Trav Clinton)
06-Ice Skrits & Paperwork (Feat.Prophadon & Trav Clinton)
07-Gotta Get Ova
08-The Bill Kawa Sho (Skit)
09-Always Flowin' (Feat.Prophadon & Trav Clinton)
10-Ride A Wave (Feat.Gail Morrow, Mugsy, Mr Flawless & Prophadon)
11-I Love You Mary (Feat.Trav Clinton)
12-Riviera Playa's (Intermission) (Feat.2AO & Jessica Legend)
13-Top Of The Throne (Feat.Prophadon & Trav Clinton)
14-Motown Hustla's (Feat.Prophadon, Terry Dexter & Bad Mama)
15-Hollywood (Outro)

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