Montag, 23. Oktober 2017

MC Twist-MVP (1998)


01-Intro (Feat.Chaos)
02-Gettin It Easy (Feat.BKS Allstars)
04-Something To Ride 2 (Feat.Danksta)
05-Some Pimp Shit (Interlude)
06-Suga Walls
07-Sex Talk With Moms (Interlude)
08-You'll Never Know (Feat.Reefah)
09-Casino (Interlude)
10-Reputation (Feat.Fowlmouth)
11-No Love
12-Let's Talk A Lil' Later
13-Something To Ride 2 In San Jose (Feat.Danksta)
14-B-Nut & Mack Boo (Playa Hatin)
15-This Is The Way (Feat.BKS Allstars)
16-Str8 From Tha Heart

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