Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018

O.G. Playboy-O.G. Playboy (2006)

02-West Coast Love
03-They Call Him Playboy (Feat.Fingazz)
04-Babe (Feat.Lil Bandit & Big Capone)
05-More Than Friend (Feat.Mr.Sancho)
06-Exotic Girl (Feat.Royal T)
07-My Girl (Feat.Bizz)
08-This Is For (Feat.Big Capone)
09-Put Your Hand Up (Feat.Big Capone,Lil Bandit & Mr.Sancho)
10-Bounce It Like A 64 (Feat.Lil Bandit & Royal T)
11-You Know We Do It Right (Feat.Big Capone & Mr.Sancho)
12-We In The Club (Feat.Mr.Sancho)
13-To Young To Die (Feat.Roscoe)
14-This Is How We Ride (Feat.Bullet Nasty & Fingazz)
15-Special Type Of Lady (Feat.Big Capone)
16-Things We Face In Low Pro (Feat.Royal T)
17-So High (Feat.Mr.Sancho & Fingazz) (Mix)

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